about the mommy.

After my first 3 kids, God blessed me with twins.  It was beautiful...and exhausting.  As women, we often put ourselves last, either for our family or traces of patriarchy in the workplace.  Shortly after becoming a mother of 5, I felt like life was in shambles...I could feel my state of personal well-being slipping away.  

As many of us do, I learned my lesson the hard way.  After two months, when I was too exhausted and too limp to move, I finally sat down with a cup of coffee and remembered the golden words of my mother, “Gimmie 5 minutes.” 

As kids, when Mom said “Gimmie 5 Minutes,” we all knew what it meant.  She would step away and take a moment to herself.  After that break, my mother would come back to us fully present, fresh, and rejuvenated.  

Inspired by this simple thought, I formed the company, “Gimmie 5 Minutes,” to promote the idea of self-love and how it changes the balance of the whole family.  

For all women who, like me, are working hard raising their family, performing highly at their workplaces, or juggling both...I see you. 

And you deserve your Five Minutes!

I believe we, as a community of women, need to lift each other, applaud each other’s efforts, and encourage one another to find some time to care for ourselves, because our wellbeing is worth the 5 minutes.

For all women like me, who are working hard raising their family, doing tons of work at their workplaces, or juggling both. I bring them treats and gifts already prepared for their breaks, where they can just relax, treat them and have much deserved time to themselves.

Moreover, the company also brings nuggets and little snippets of my thoughts. I believe, we women, as a community needs to lift each other, applaud the efforts, and encourage eachother's well-being. 


"Our mission came easy to me because...

this mom needed a break."